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Medical communications: reaching everyone, everywhere

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

In this article, I explore how medical writers and translators, as language professionals specialized in communicating health-related information can help you reach your audience around the world.

Medical communications: reaching everyone, everywhere

Communication with patients and caregivers is key to ensure the adequate research, diagnosis, treatment, and management of conditions and diseases. You need to ensure that there are no linguistic or cultural barriers that may prevent your intended audience from understanding your message. Research shows that people are more receptive and likely to seek care when they have access to health-related information in their native language.

There’s much to learn from our experience since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the lessons is that you should not only trust science, but also be able to communicate it effectively. And for that, you need to work with those who specialize in communicating complex health-related topics in a way that your target audience will understand.

Medical writers and translators as your go-to communicators

Medical writers and translators will help you develop or translate materials about medicine and health by gathering, organizing, interpreting, and presenting information in a manner appropriate for your target audience. They have the communication expertise, cultural awareness, ethical standards, and healthcare knowledge that your campaign needs.

Good medical communicators – whether they are writing or translating your message – have the best of both worlds: a scientific mind with an artistic heart.

Their “scientific mind” allows them to understand and convey that knowledge about a disease or therapy. In addition, they are capable of collecting and presenting data on positive outcomes or treatment effects.

Their “artistic heart” enables them to identify and implement well-defined strategies for reaching and engaging with your audience.

Going digital

Digital delivery is now a must-have. Whether your audience is healthcare professionals or patients, your content needs to carry through the same consistent message – preventing and managing illnesses and health risks.

There’s a wealth of media formats and channels that, when used together correctly, will help you optimize the reach and impact of your content – websites, blogs, mobile apps, social media posting, infographics optimized for screen visualization and navigation, captioned videos, etc.

User experience has become a major focus area when developing content. People want and need to reach and access information quickly. Using the internet to disseminate your message allows you to reach broader audiences. It also means that you need to understand and meet the rapidly evolving and diversifying needs of these audiences and tailor your content carefully to their culture and language.


Ana Sofia is an English to Portuguese medical translator and writer working with Life Sciences companies, Contract Research Organizations, and Medical Communication agencies. She has experience translating and writing content for clinical trials, medical devices, regulatory submissions, education and marketing campaigns, and scientific publications.


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