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English to Portuguese translator - medical translator - marketing translator


Ana Sofia Correia and Ana Catarina Lopes - English to Portuguese translators specialized in Life Sciences, Medicine, Healthcare and Marketing

The Med & Mark Blog is based on a long-standing friendship between two professional English to Portuguese translators who met as undegraduate students in 2001, and never lost contact with each other.

Living in almost opposite ends of the country, the coffee-shop conversations between classes turned into daily chat messages.

We will write about a variety of topics related to medical and marketing translation.
The Med & Mark Blog is primarily aimed at those who need language services and want to know more about it – whether it is translation, localization, transcreation, linguistic validation, cultural consultancy, or any other related service.
We hope you enjoy the content we share!

Want to know more about us?
Ana Sofia Correia - English to Portuguese Life Sciences and Medical Translator

Ana Sofia Correia

Ana Sofia is an English to Portuguese medical translator and writer.

Working with Life Sciences companies, Contract Research Organizations, Language Service Providers, and Medical Communication agencies, she translates and writes content for clinical trials, medical devices, regulatory submissions, education and marketing campaigns, and scientific publications.

English to Portuguese Marketing Translator

Ana Catarina is an English to Portuguese translator specialized in Healthcare and Marketing.

She helps foreign companies to launch their brand and products in the Portuguese market by translating, localizing and transcreating their client-targeted contents to make them appealing to the Portuguese public.

English to Portuguese Marketing Translator
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Ana Catarina Lopes

Med & Mark - A blog about medical and marketing translation
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