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Medical Marketing: Why copy translation is the answer

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Medical marketing is a highly specialized field that requires professional intervention when targeting different countries. In this article, I analyze the advantages of copy translation.

Medical marketing: why copy translation is the answer

Marketing is all about creativity and allure. Medicine is all about facts and science. It may seem that these two fields have no intersection whatsoever, but that is a common misconception that might cost you valuable clients.

Whenever a new medical product is placed on the market, whether it is a drug, a device, or a consumer health product, a marketing campaign will be set in place to reach your audience: patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals, general consumers, or all of them.

Reaching your target audience

The medical industry is constantly growing: new technology and scientific findings come to light every day. But what is the point of having cutting-edge devices and innovative drugs and treatments if you don’t reach the people who want or need to buy them - your clients? To achieve that, you need to hire a good medical and healthcare copywriter who will provide you with an appealing copy for your website and brochure, thus ensuring your content is attractive to clients.

Keeping it simple

Medical texts are usually filled with complex concepts and terminology, which are appealing to researchers, scientists and healthcare professionals. However, in most cases, the people in charge of the procurement process to buy supplies for institutions and facilities are not doctors or nurses, but top management employees whose main concern is getting the best product in the most advantageous conditions.

Having a clear and straight to the point copy, writing with a good selling point will speak straight to the decision-makers’ mind.

Why a medical copywriter?

If you have the original copy and you want to place your medical and healthcare products in international markets, then all you need is to find a translator, right?

Not quite.

A medical translator might seem a good choice to ensure that you get an accurate and compliant version of your content. But you’ll also need a good amount of transcreation and copywriting done by a skilled professional. And don’t forget that cultural consultancy is key whenever a company is picking up a brand name to enter the local market. A medical copywriter combines all three.

Sales-wise, the medical field isn’t that different from all the other ones from a marketing point of view – the services you need, the factors to account for in your campaign, the strategies to adopt. However, this is a highly specialized field that requires knowledge of key terminology and relevant industry standards and regulations.

Hiring a medical copywriter will ensure your product placement in foreign markets will be a real success.


About the author:

Ana Catarina is an English to Portuguese translator specialized in Healthcare and Marketing. She helps foreign companies to launch their brand and products in the Portuguese market by translating, localizing and transcreating their client-targeted contents to make them appealing to the Portuguese public.


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